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** Secret about Kashmir

The Little Secret about Kashmir
There is a little-known secret of South Asia. You ought to know this one if you want to understand the escalating religious conflict in Kashmir, pitting two new nuclear-armed nations – secular India and Islamic Pakistan – against each other.
This is the secret: from every newly-formed Muslim majority area of South Asia – without exception – including Pakistan, Bangladesh and in India’s own Kashmir, non-Muslims have been massively cleansed and driven to Hindu-majority India.
It is for the above reason that Pakistan is at least 97% Muslim and India is at least 15% Muslim.
Besides implying the inability to co-exist, it may be reasonable to interpret these data as a form of conquest in the name of Islam.
The scary part is that the religion-based passion for conquest never stops!
Muslim-concentrated areas in nearby non-Muslim lands are singled out for further conquest. We now have documented evidence that a long-term and systematic funding process was put in place to indoctrinate the Muslim majority in Indian Kashmir to develop hatred toward their Indian nation, to identify with pan-Islamic aspirations, and to sponsor armed insurgencies.
While Pakistan and just about all Muslim nations support “self-determination” of Muslims in Indian Kashmir, they are deafeningly silent in acknowledging that the portion of Kashmir Pakistan holds is almost devoid of non-Muslims.
Also conveniently unspoken is the complicity of the Kashmiri Muslims in driving out over 300,000 non-Muslim Kashmiris to the rest of India and the religious apartheid practices of the ruling Muslim Kashmiris over the non-Muslim subjects within the state.
Seen in the appropriate context, the claims of “self-determination” of Muslim majority Kashmir from India is an all too clever prescription for conquering more land at the expense of non-Muslims, by attaching the land of Kashmir to Islamic Pakistan.
Is it not ironic that Pakistan would want more land from India when it owes India significant portion of its real estate as a compensation for having driven out its non-Muslim population to India?
India has had to absorb the non-Muslims driven away from Pakistan’s Kashmir without a murmur or two.
Disgruntled Indian Kashmiri Muslims who want to live in an Islamic state have a land next-door; it is called Pakistan.
The beleaguered secular Indian state which gave even more rights and generous subsidies to Muslim-majority Kashmir has been successfully portrayed as an “occupier” of Muslim lands and an “oppressor” of Muslims.
The die has been cast.
Indoctrination and recruitment of Muslims for terror has now extended into the Indian heartland with devastating consequences. At this rate, capital flight is inevitable and so is the systematic destruction of the Indian economy.
A slower version of the Darfur-like situation is indeed developing in India.
Thanks to subsidies and the high cost of fighting terror, Indian Kashmiri Muslim children do not die of malnutrition. But children in the rest of India do – about 6,000 of them every day! Even sub-Saharan African states are no worse than India when it comes to malnourishment of their children.
The excitement of a resurgent India is fast getting replaced with a nation that is undeservedly on its way to becoming a graveyard of tens of millions malnourished children and their parents forever trapped in grinding poverty.
These little Indians deserve to live – and that alone is a moral high ground India can rely on to resolutely fight back without ceding any more land to the agents of conquest.
Moorthy Muthuswamy is author of the forthcoming book: “Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War.”


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** Making of an Unbeliever

On the Making of an Unbeliever

Abul Kasem 

QUITE OFTEN I RECEIVE E-MAILS asking me why I have so much dislike for religion in general and Islam, my religion at birth, in particular. This question is not easy to answer. A person’s religion is the most sacred, and to some, the most valuable asset one may claim to possess. Wars are waged, genocide perpetrated, friendships broken, love turned into hatred, peace into turmoil, harmony into discord, enlightenment into darkness just because of religious difference. Nothing is more sensitive and dangerous than fomenting the religious feeling of people.  

As demonstrated by many suicide bombers, many believers consider their faith more precious than their own lives. Under such scenarios, it is not so simple for any one to look at his religion of birth critically. Many years, possibly decades of observations, experience, study and contemplation are required to examine one’s so-called religion of birth. 

Below, I have listed a few issues that may make an ardent believer to question his/her ‘religion of birth’, and may eventually turn him into an unbeliever. These listed concerns are not comprehensive. As the current events unfold, there will be many new aspects that may be more critical than what I have mentioned.  

Please spend a little time and ponder on what might turn a believer into an unbeliever. 

Four million diehard devotees (the Biswa Ijtema in Bangladesh) from many Islamic Paradises beseech Allah in three languages (Bengali, Urdu and Arabic) for His blessings. Yet Allah keeps these countries the most corrupt, the least developed, the most crime-infested, utterly terrorised and amongst the poorest in the world. You start doubting if Allah ever understood any of those languages of prayer, especially His own language, that is, Arabic. This epidemic of prayer has been going on for decades, but Allah remains adamant. To the total chagrin of the true believers, Allah continues to bestow prosperity to the infidels. You question the fairness of Allah. 

When the Mullahs are in power in one of the Islamic Paradises (e.g., Bangladesh) a great deluge of flood creates havoc there. The Mullahs term this devastating natural calamity as a test of Iman (faith) from Allah-just like Nuh’s flood. Curiously, when a secular government is elected to power, the same Mullahs call the raging flood a punishment from Allah for the electorate for choosing a secular government. You marvel at the capricious mind of Allah. 

When a 14-year-old boy is mercilessly flogged to death (in Iran) in the month of Ramadan for not fasting strictly to the stringent specifications of the religion you question the very authenticity of Allah’s Scripture on which this punishment is meted out. 

A 16-year-old girl (in Iran) is raped by gangsters but she cannot prove her innocence for lack of resources to hire a competent lawyer. The Mullahs swiftly hang her in public without giving her a right to appeal. Her rapists go scot-free. You tremble in fear as you have a few teen-age daughters. You are frightened to death thinking what might happen to your young daughters if they become victims of similar rape. 

Allah decides to send His soldiers to kindergarten schools to slaughter infidels’ infants (Beslan in Russia). This action of Allah shakes the very foundation of your belief. You assume the savage perpetrators of this infanticide were not true believers. When you consult the Hadis you are profoundly shocked to learn that wanton killing of infidels’ children is religiously sanctioned. You become fearful about the safety of your own child when he/she is enrolled in a childcare/pre-school/kindergarten.  

You remember your past secret love life and suddenly learn from newspaper reports that a hapless widow in an Islamic Paradise is to be stoned to death for merely becoming pregnant and giving birth out of wed-lock to an innocent daughter. You thank yourself that none of those women with whom you had illicit sex became pregnant. You wonder what would have happened if you were caught.  

You sincerely fall in love with an infidel woman but you cannot marry her unless she embraces the ‘religion of tolerance’. You and your lover decide to flee the Islamic Paradise and immigrate to an infidel land just to exercise your fundamental human right.  

You and your wife for 12-years go on a holiday trip to a scenic beach resort (e.g., the state of Trengganu in Malaysia). You lodge in the luxurious beach hotel Club Med. Out of blue; at the dead of night, the religious police heckle you demanding to witness your marriage certificate. Unable to produce the matrimony document, you and your wife have no choice but to be hand-cuffed and immediately whisked by the ‘guardians of Allah’ to be locked up in dingy cells. You and your distraught wife are separated and threatened with lashing until you can prove your Islamic marriage. You desperately fax to your relative to send you the original marriage certificate. Until that arrives you and your dear wife spend a few weeks in tenterhook.  

While all the infidel guests at the resort sleep in peace you suffer this despicable indignation because you have an Islamic (read Arabic) name. After you return to your home of infidels you promise not to set foot in an Islamic Paradise, ever. 

You visit Thailand, the land of smiles. Out of curiosity you visit a massage parlour or a Turkish bath. Inside the dimly-lit premise you spot your bearded but impeccably western-dressed Tabligi friends who were once your university mates. Astounded, you ask them what Tabligi work they are doing in such a sex joint. To your utter surprise your Tabligi friends tell you that Thai massage girls/prostitutes are halal for them. They claim that while they may have wives and children at Dar-ul-Islam (home country of Islam) but since they are in a Dar-ul-Harb (the land of warfare) or the land of infidels, it is alright for them to have sex with Thai women as these sex-kittens are like captives to the Muslims.  

You return home and check the Sharia book (Islamic Law) for their outrageous claim. To your complete disbelief you find that the Sharia fully supports your Tabligi friends’ claims. 

You attend the party of an infidel colleague and drink only orange juice because all other foods ostensibly look haram. But you have no courage to ask your host. When the host enquires if anything is wrong with you, you tell a lie that you have stomach problem, or that you are not hungry. You become ashamed that you have to tell lies because of your faith. 

When you tell your best friend that you like western life-style and enjoy its freedom he cuts you off from the list of his guest. He stops phoning you, and when you enquire about his well-being he says he is busy and has very little time. Religion has now stood between you and your best friend. 

Your infidel neighbour invites you to his Christmas gala party but you pretend to be sick because you know alcoholic drinks will be served. You note that despite being teetotaller throughout their lives most Muslims have very poor health and quite short life-span. You genuinely question why you could not drink a sip or two of haram drink while the infidels can easily indulge in such absolute haram practice, yet they enjoy far superior health than the Muslims. You wonder why the infidels can enjoy wine, beer, whisky, port, Martini, Campari, Cinzano, Remy Martin, VSOP brandy, champagne, shandy but you have to be contented only with Mecca Cola or orange juice! 

Your father threatens to kick you out of his house because you went out dating with boys/girls of the infidels. You wonder why you cannot have an easy mixing with opposite sex. Crossed, you decide to get even with your parents at an appropriate time. 

When your child visits his infidel friend’s house you give your child the strict order not to eat or drink any foodstuff as you suspect that they may not be halal. Your child is simply agitated, sad, confused when he observes that while he has to go hungry, all other children can happily eat the delicious food served. He does not understand why he has to practice such dim-witted food habits.  

When you plan to visit another city/town you desperately seek halal restaurants even though they serve smelly, stale food in very unhygienic premises. You refuse to eat nutritious food served in a superbly hygienic, delightfully pleasant and plush comfortable environment simply because these food outlets are patronised by the haram-eating infidels. You simply cannot find any logic behind this bizarre practice. Nevertheless, you go ahead with the herd of believers as you do not want to lose your standing in the community (Ummah).  Deep inside, you question your faith but are afraid to become an outcast. 

When the Allah’s soldiers (in Iraq) behead the dedicated aid workers, ordinary poor labourers, engineers, doctors and make snuff videos for the Ummah to watch the mercy of ‘religion of compassion’ you have great difficulty explaining this ‘religion of compassion’ to your colleagues. You even try to hide your face when the neighbours learn that you belong to the ‘religion of compassion.’ 

When you are in an infidel land you try to conceal your ‘religion of forgiveness’ by faking an infidel name to a stranger. You try to hide the passport issued by an Islamic Paradise. You show it only to the immigration officials. You wonder why you have to play such a hide-and-seek game. 

Your family hates you for becoming friendly with the infidels. You become very sad, but later, you find out that they are simply following the commands of all Powerful Allah. Consulting the Holy Scripture, you find out that a Muslim son must disown his own parents and vice versa if they or you do not convert to Islam.  

You go to a religious school and find that girls, as little as 6 or 7-years-old are forced to wear ugly Hijab. When the confused innocent little girls ask for the reason of wearing such tormenting apparel, you hear the ‘Hujur’ (religious teacher) says Allah loves those girls who ‘cover’ themselves. He also says that the infidel girls (those who do not wear Hijab) are prostitutes, harlots and characterless. You wonder how come Allah did not cover these little Muslimahs during their birth-why Allah let them be born naked! 

Your child goes to a Madrassah (a theological seminary) to memorise the Holy Scripture. When he returns home he/she complains about the beating he/she received at the hands of the ‘Hujur’. When you confront the ‘Hujur’ for child-abuse he shows you the irrefutable proof that beating a child is allowed as per Hadis. You simply shake your head in disbelief, but the ‘Hujur’ shows you the clear proof from the Holy Scriptures. You truly become dumb-founded. 

As a migrant you sincerely believe that the best way to be the integral part of a society is to mix with the local mainstream people, become friendly with them and learn some of their traditions and customs. When you visit a mosque you hear the Imam warns the congregation not to be friendly with the local infidels. He even exhorts that as a believer you must endeavour to convert the local infidels to adopt your culture and religion. Doubting Imam’s preaching, you check the Holy Scriptures. You are utterly shocked that the Imam is absolutely correct. 

You live in an Islamic Paradise which preaches ‘religious tolerance’, ‘peace’, ‘democracy’, ‘freedom of thought’—When you visit the religious congregation of the infidels to learn about their religion you are arrested, fined or imprisoned (e.g., in .Malaysia) for patronising the enemies of the ‘religion of tolerance’. You question the very Holy words ‘No compulsion in religion.’ 

In an Islamic Paradise you go out dating an infidel girl. While both of you are seated on a wooden bench in the local park, the ‘moral guardians’ of Allah (religious police), checks your I.D., arrests you, fines you and jails you. Your infidel girl-friend goes scot-free. You question how could there be two sets of laws in one country? You decide that this is nothing but religious apartheid.  

In a moderate Muslim Paradise (e.g., Malaysia) you visit a pub or a disco to have a good time with your infidel friends. There, you notice the religious police checking the I.D. of each patron. Wondering how come the ‘religion of tolerance’ would not allow you such a simple pleasure, you sneak out of the haram premise. Meanwhile, your infidel friends had a ‘good time’ in the pub, while you returned home and asked Allah’s forgiveness. 

Your religious-scholar friend tells you that Allah’s ‘only’ religion has lots of goodies for women. When you open the newspaper (in Pakistan) you read, ‘Let these women be warned,’ said a mullah to the dissenting women of Rawalpindi. ‘We will tear them to pieces. We will give them such terrible punishments that no one in future will dare to raise a voice against Islam.’ In desperation you consult the Holy Scriptures and find that the Mullahs are completely correct. You start doubting your friend’s scholarship on the good stuff for women in the ‘religion for women’. 

Even though you are not ethnically an Arab, you must keep an Arabic name, follow Arabic culture; adopt their food, clothing, hygiene and toilet habits; memorise their Holy Scriptures without comprehending a single word of it and prostrate endlessly to their Allah.  

When you go on pilgrimage or when they hire you as slaves to work for them they ridicule you as a ‘miskin’ (indigent). But they treat the white infidel workers with respect and offer them higher pay and more fringe benefits than the black and brown immigrant workers (like you) .Though you are better qualified than many of them (white infidels) your Arab brothers discriminate you against the white infidel workers. As a general rule, you are paid half compared to a white unbeliever.  

Yet, you consider the Arabs superior to you and you imitate their dress and Bedouin habits. Some Islamic Paradises (like Pakistan) even broadcast news in Arabic when not even 0.1% of their population understand the Arabic language. You wonder why a desperately poor country should spend money to Arabise its population?  

When you question your religion you fear for your life. When you make a movie that criticises the religion of ‘peace’ you are beheaded a la Islamic style.  

Those are some of the issues all believers should ponder upon. Thanks to the advent of Internet; it is now possible to publicise those pertinent points. We must welcome well-designed, easily navigable websites that highlight the concerns mentioned above and shake the minds of the believers, compelling them to re-think what they always thought to be the eternal truth. Abul Kasem writes from Sydney. His e-mail address is



Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Islam @

ISLAM on Minorities @


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** Whither Decency?

Christian Evangelism: Whither Decency?

H. DeSilva, CrusadeWatch

The world (or more correctly, the west) appears infatuated with “Muslim fanaticism.” We are told over and over again that Islam preaches fanaticism, and that Muslims are allegedly violent and have a blind hatred of non-Muslims. But really, how true are these vacuous claims? They are stories made to justify violent attacks on the Muslim community around the world, and take attention away from those who really harbour ill-will against followers of other religions. The media has not given enough attention to the insidious campaign that is taking place this very minute to reduce and wipeout Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and the various other religious traditions that are followed by large sections of humanity.

When I look around, the only people I see trying to wipe out other religions and other peoples’ belief systems are the Christian evangelists and their loud supporters. I have never ever encountered a Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim preacher barging in on my privacy and pushing their holy books in my face, nor have I seen Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims set up organizations purely for the sake of converting others through hook and crook.

Despite having a similar religious heritage, we can clearly see that it is the Christian evangelists who are the real religious extremists, and not the Muslims as loudly claimed by various sections of the media.

Christian evangelism today does not appear to have any respect for cultural and religious diversity. Its aim is to wipe out all non-Christian cultural and religious traditions and replace them with Christianity – more often than not the western version of it, which has very little in common with the country or society it is targetting. Many tribal societies across the world have lost their heritage and are in the process of losing them due to the activities of these evangelists. In refusing to see the good in other religions and other ways-of-life, Christian evangelists take on an extremely fundamentalist position that is an affront not only to non-Christians, but to moderate Christians as well.

I am often quite amazed and plainly shocked at the fanatical zeal shown by these Christian evangelists, who wish to convert the entire world to Christianity through whatever means necessary. Entire organizations, or more correctly enterprises, have been set up with the sole purpose of “harvesting souls for God,” and there are many individuals whose job in life is to convert non-Christians to Christianity, and they are paid handsomely to do it. No expense is spared in this task of trying to bring every single person on planet earth to the “light of Jesus Christ,” and no thought whatsoever is given to the religious and cultural diversity that makes this world such a wonderful place.

For these extremists, the sooner all the non-Christian “pagan” and “Satan-inspired” religions perish or are annihilated, the better the world will be; a rather fanatical, nazi-esque position if there ever was one. By sending evangelist teams around the world and setting up shop in non-Christian majority countries, these evangelist organisations work to destroy the pillars of religious coexistence and tolerance and erect their own pillars of religious supremacy and intolerance in those countries. And Sri Lanka is just another one of their many targets – yet another country “infested with evil pagans” who need to be brought to the “light of Jesus Christ.”

With the kind of mentality explained above, these evangelists have no qualms about using whatever means necessary to gain converts. As they have invaded countries that may not be wealthy, and as is the case in Sri Lanka, they use material inducements to convert the poor and destitute non-Christians to Christianity. For them, buying souls for their God is not an issue, but the tally of supposedly “saved souls” is. Conversion today has become a big business with big bucks behind it, and, unfortunately, the world we live in appears a battle ground for the Christian evangelists where the competitors are not only the non-Christian religions but rival Christian sects as well.

And to them, all is fair in war. Encouraging new converts to smash statues of the Buddha and Hindu gods and godesses, burn pictures of the Buddha and Hindu gods and godesses, burn Dharma books and renounce “pagan” cultural activities are all considered suitable methods of propagating Christanity. Giving potential child converts biscuits fashioned in the shape of a Buddha image, and encouraging the kids to eat them while preaching Christianity do not strike the evangelists as insensitive and indecent. And following in the footsepts of the colonials in Sri Lanka, these cash-rich evangelists offer food, money and employment to convince poor Sri Lankans to convert to Christianity, asserting that it is the Christian God that is the harbinger of prosperity and that it is the “Satan-inspired” Buddhist/Hindu/Muslim traditions that continue to keep them in poverty.

It is no wonder that many Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and moderate Christians are simply apalled at the way the evangelists carry out their proselytism, and are extremely worried about the impact it will have on religious harmony in this country. It can already be seen that the provocative activities of Christian evangelists have led to the destabilsation of peace and harmony among the various religious communities, and if these evangelists continue with their unethical and iconoclastic methods of proselytism the situation is bound to get worse. Sri Lanka could very well do without these people who are hell-bent on creating a religious imbroglio in this beautiful island.

Christian evangelists in Sri Lanka and the greater Asian region need to reconsider their unethical and aggresive methods of proselytism. They need to start according respect to other systems of belief instead of treating them as sworn enemies. The current mentality that drives proselytism, as well as the actual methods of proselytism employed by the evangelists are going against accepted norms of decency and are creating a negative image of Christianity at large.

By caring naught for religious harmony in Sri Lanka, Christian evangelists are doing this country a huge disfavour. And as Sri Lankans, we cannot sit idly by and watch the religious harmony which we treasure so much disintegrate before our very eyes. We cannot affort to ignore the threat unethical and aggressive evangelism poses to peace and harmony in this country. To do so would mean the victory of fundamentalism and intolerance.

So there is an important question that we must ask ourselves: when will the ideological and iconoclastic war waged by Christian evangelists against the Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims of this country end? Because as long as the evangelists wage a war to dismantle and/or destroy Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam in this country, there can never be true religious harmony. A predator-prey relationship is not conducive to peace and is always marked by stress. This is especially the case for the prey. The predatory desire to see other religions perish and to have Christianity “triumph” over these other religions cannot be condoned and should never be condoned by anyone with a sense of decency. It is a fundamentalist position that is not in tune with our culture and way of life which gives priority to religious harmony and religious tolerance.

Religious pluralism is what Sri Lanka is about and the evangelists want to destroy that. We cannot and must not let them succeed.

Benedict’s Evangelism @



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**Jagadguru Vasudev aka JAGGI

Karunanidhi kept quite: Jaggi Vasudev charged with murder in 1997 

The following is the Indian Express report as appearing on October 12, 1997 about Police registering a case of murder by Jaggi Vasudev:

Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.(He is known as Jagadguru Jaggi Vasudev in US)According to police, T. S. Ganganna of Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji.

The complaintant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.

Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24 even before they could rush from Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of death.

He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.

According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. 

Based on the complaint of Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12, a case was registered.The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police.

The Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section 302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence). 

Isha Yoga Foundatrion has denied reports that Jaggi Vasudev had fled to USA to avoid investigation of ashram.

Authorised Signatory of Ashram Kiran stated that Guruji had gone for giving lectures . ENS

But nothing is known to the Public or citizens of Tamilnadu or Karnatka. Incidentally, just after the arrest of Sanaracharya, a Catholic priest was arrested in Kanyakumari area for murder, rape etc.,

Though, initially reports appeared in newspapers, totally there was silence in the media. In fact, about Jaggi nothing came in any TV-Channel, as compared to wide, prolonged and repeated coverage of Sankarachrya.

No eminent writer, actress or any other complained or gave interview in SUN or UDAY TV.

And Karunanidhi – oh, it did not concern at all. He never comented after reading newspaper said the episode reminded him of the saying, “if a virtuous woman commits a sin she can cleanse herself by having a dip in the Ganges but where will she go seeking atonement if the holy river itself is polluted?” Why, obviously.

Because, Jaggi was not arrested! No agitation announced urging the government to arrest.

On November 13, 2002, he said laws should be enacted to curb fake godmen mushrooming. Those who introduced such laws must have a progressive outlook and a commitment to rid society of superstition. Awareness should be created among the people to end frauds committed in the name of god, religion and spirituality. The heads of mutts should not misuse religious symbols to cover up their wrongdoings, he said.

“We wish that the trial is conducted in a fair manner without any interference. Let us wait and see how things take their course” was his reply to a question on apprehensions raised, considering the Sankaracharya”s “political influence.”

On reports of persons holding high offices visiting the Mutt to show their proximity to the Sankaracharya, Mr. Karunanidhi said it was unfair that constitutional functionaries such as the President were made to stand before religious heads.

How then, he accommodated a charge-sheeted and murder accused person, sat with him?

Before Indian law also, like Karunanidhi, the Saints are discriminated by religion ad ideology?

Can the Law and judiciary be ideologized?  Yes, naturally, when atheist or Communist or Communalist Judges are appointed by the Politicians, how they would deliver judgments?


How Reverence changes from Jaggi to Sankaracharya?

————–  Jaggi’s History  ——————————–

Jaggi charged with Murder,  Indian Express article of Oct 11, 1997:


Interview in Jan. 2004 with EVOLVE magazine: excerpts below 

QUESTION: Sadhguru, can you tell me a little about yourself? From what lineage or tradition do you come? 

JAGGI VASUDEV: Fundamentally, I don’t come from any particular tradition as such. It is from inner experience that I come. But, if I look at it now, I’m a part of every tradition in the world . whatever the traditions have become over a period of time, that’s different.

P.S. Jaggi never admitted that he comes from a Hindu lineage, neither was he ever cleared of murder charges because he left India. Jaggi is presently in USA and his Isha Foundation is prospering in these cities:  

Atlanta, Georgia : 404-248-0026 

Chicago, Illinois : 847-452-7902   

Cincinnati, Ohio : 513-231-5679   

Columbus, Ohio : 614-208-6189   

Dayton, Ohio : 937-429-0320   

Detroit, Michigan : 248-601-6362   

Los Angeles, California: 714-469-9239   

Memphis, Tennessee : 901-755-2781   

Nashville, Tennessee: 615-731-9893   

New England :   

New Jersey : 732 859 9958   

New York : 516-801-2530   

Peoria, Illinois : 309-657-0682   

Phoenix, Arizona : 480-946-3645   

San Francisco, California : 408-873-4892   

Seattle, Washington : 425-677-4866   

Tampa, Florida : 813-413-1661   

Washington, DC : 703-731-1194

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