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** Guardians of virginity

The guardians of virginity are raping the daughters of Iran

Tarek Fateh – July 22, 2009 

National Post – Canada

When the Prague Spring failed in 1968, few people believed that the seeds of dissent that had been crushed under the weight of Soviet tanks would blossom 20 years later to bring about the demise of the U. S. S. R. itself. A similar summer of discontent and rebellion has blossomed in Tehran in 2009, and I would venture to say that, this time around, it will not take two decades for the ossified state structure to come crashing down.

The reason: This time, it is the mothers and daughters of Iran who have rebelled against the Islamic Republic of Iran and have come out in the streets to lead the men.

For 30 years, an entire nation has been subjected to imprisonment, torture, murder and — unnoticed by the world — the institutional rape of its daughters, all in the name of Islam. No other dictatorial society, not even the Saudis, have used rape as a tool of subjugation as the Iranian ruling ayatollahs have. Perversely,… it has been dressed up as an act of piety and religiosity. 

This truth is beginning to come out in the open. 

A serving member of the Iranian vigilante Basiji militia reportedly has told Sabina Amidi, a freelance reporter for the Jerusalem Post, about his enforced participation in the rape of young Iranian girls prior to their execution. 

 The Basiji enforcer disclosed that the practice was justified by his superiors under the dubious proposition that, under sharia law, “it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin.” 

To circumvent this, Amidi’s source reports, the mullahs would arrange a forced wedding of the young girls to prison guards on the night before the execution.

“The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard — essentially raped by her ‘husband.’ ”

The report has not been verified. But those of us who long have followed the harrowing tales coming out of Iran find it entirely credible. Indeed, there are many precedents, as described below. But we also know that this story will be labelled as one more attempt by the “Zionists” to portray Iran in a bad light. This one-size-fits-all accusation has silenced numerous critics of the Iranian regime. 

In the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the rape-execution of young Iranian democracy activists was rampant. Let me introduce to you, for instance, Soraya Abolfathi, who was only 20-years old when she was picked up by Iranian Revolutionary Guards for participating in a demonstration against Ayatollah Khomeni on August 19, 1981.

She was taken to Tabriz prison where, during her 34-day detention, she was tortured repeatedly to pressure her to give up her friends. She refused. On Sept. 28, 1981, she was executed by a firing squad. However, it is believed the night before her death, she was forcibly wed to a mullah in a “pleasure marriage,” the ensuing act of rape serving to ensure she did not die a virgin. 

Virgins, the mullahs believe, are guaranteed a place in paradise, and raping young girls ensures they go to hell. 

The systemic nature of Iran’s use of rape as an instrument of punishment is repugnant. Yet amazingly, the Iranian regime has supporters here in Canada–even within the same left-wing and feminist groups that can be relied on to stand up for women’s rights whenever they are endangered in the West. 

They should know better. It is not just Iranian women who have been raped and killed at the hands of Iran’s murderous regime. One of our own endured this indignity, yet few are willing to speak out.

 I am talking about Zahra Kazemi a Canadian photojournalist who was arrested, tortured, raped and then murdered by the mullahs, yet is forgotten conveniently by all those who say it is their business to speak against rape as an instrument of war. 

Within the Muslim community, there was an absolute denial of what happened to Kazemi. On a TV show, for instance, a vice-president of the Canadian Arab Federation seemed to apologize for the Iranian regime, strenuously denying that she was raped. This despite the fact that Shahram Azam, a former military staff physician stated that he had examined Kazemi’s body and observed that Kazemi showed obvious signs of brutal rape and torture, including a skull fracture, broken nose, crushed toe, missing fingernails, and broken fingers. 

It seems the women of Iran have had it with the mullahs. It is time for all Canadians to come out and stand with their sisters, for history will judge them harshly if the freedom they seek for themselves, they deny to the daughters of Iran. 

Canadian Honour Killings @ http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=1821919



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